Missed our Rehearsed Readings? Watch them here

On the advice of our director, Luke Davies, we videoed last week’s Rehearsed Readings, in order to have a record of the event and, of course, to allow anyone unable to come to enjoy the performances. So, in under a week, LCW member Mark Hibbett has edited the six pieces into a single YouTube playlist:

Links to individual pieces, and the cast for each, are as follows:

TANYA & DEL by Nikki Racklin, featuring Amy Spinks as Justine

THUMBS DOWN by Emma Morgan, starring Sean Hart as Ross and Eleanor Crosswell as Ruth

THE INVENTION OF SEX by Mark Hibbett, starring Sean Hart as Peter and Amy Spinks as Dawn

MARJORIE MEETS GARETH, GARETH MEETS MARJORIE by Mark Hibbett, starring Eleanor Crosswell as Marjorie

ARCHITECTURE AND MORTALITY by Mark Hibbett, starring Eleanor Crosswell as Rose, Eddie Arnold as Wilson and Amy Spinks as Swanny

THE MED by Emma Morgan, starring Eddie Arnold, Sean Hart, Eleanor Crosswell and Amy Spinks in a variety of roles



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